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I have been an Approved Driving Instructor, (ADI) since 2003, when I joined Harrogates Leading Driving School, "Driving Techniques".
I enjoyed 6 years with them before deciding to set up my own independent School of Motoring in 2009.

I am an active member of the Harrogate Association of Approved Driving Instructors,(HAADI), as well as being a member of the National Driving Instructors Association, (DIA).

In November 2011, I completed a Life Coaching and Mentor Development Program, to help those drivers who suffer particularly with nerves during test situations. So far, all the pupils I have worked with, using relaxation techniques and positive thinking exercises  have gone on to pass their test.

Above All...

I offer a high quality, patient and relaxed method of teaching, where the emphasis is on the pupil actually driving and not spending too much time parked up and talking!

I promote "Safe Driving for Life" through good driving skills and knowledge.